I generally run the Illuminati, and by that I mean I tend to lock myself in the boardroom and forge memos.  As an organization, we play it a little fast and loose with the rules, so I know I’ll never be reprimanded for it.  As a matter of fact, I just gave myself another raise.

Anyway, I get bored at work a lot and it’s not like they’re going to fire me…so I started a blog.  I did take some time off for six years since I might have accidentally left a tiny amount of nuclear waste behind the cappuccino maker in the breakroom.  For thirty years. And when my bosses found out, they made me get a job in retail.  FOR SIX YEARS.

So glad to be back, you guys!  Keep getting angry over shit you can’t control!

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  1. Take this falsehood down. The illuminati worship Satan. They are not super high dimensional creatures. Read the Bible and fear God.

  2. We don’t worship Satan, we’re avowed Atheists, or at best we worship money, power and fame. Remember, the group who consistently score highest on tests of theological and Biblical knowledge are non-believers. We did read the Bible and that’s why most of us don’t believe.

    So take that.

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