Black Friday Illuminati Drinking Game

Black Friday might be a huge shopping day for you, or maybe you stay in.  For us? We sit back and watch society devolve all on its own.  It’s the only day where we shut down our main office and hold viewing parties for bad behavior that you can’t even blame on us. Okay, that’s not true.  We have a hand in those “deals” that are advertised and the hours that the stores stay open, but that’s it, I swear.  The rest of the nightmare is all yours, guys.

Like I said, we have viewing parties.  We open up a massive part of the Snowflake Web to our employees and allow them to sign up to stream specific feeds.  This year, thanks to my amazing abilities to impale the lesser Geek-dom on basketballs, I have secured the feed for one of the largest department stores in the country. If anyone recalls the viewing parties from prior years, the most choice feeds were held back for “research purposes.”  My superior sleuthing skills, coupled with my aforementioned impaling abilities uncovered a conspiracy within a conspiracy.  There was no “research” going on!  They were hoarding the footage in the sub-basement and laughing their asses off at those of us stuck with the boring stuff.  And they weren’t even watching it – they were watching us watching the monotony of the local K-Mart.

So, in celebration of guaranteed entertainment, I have started a drinking game.  Play along at home if you’ve got access to the Snowflake Web.

You shall drink if:

  • Someone is blasting Christmas music on their cellphone, despite the store also playing Christmas music at the same time.
  • Someone is Skyping while wandering around without regard to nearby shoppers.
  • A customer sends a store employee into a stock room to find something and then knocks on the door every ten seconds to see if the employee found it yet.
  • A store employee looks like they might just slit their wrists right at the register.
  • A customer parks a triple stroller right in the middle of an intersection between several busy walkways and effectively blocks all traffic.  The reason matters not.
  • The store plays the same song three times in a row, even if the song is by different artists.
  • Someone gets huffy at the register despite having just arrived and being next in line.
  • A customer gets angry because the prices don’t match their sales flyer from last year’s Black Friday.
  • A customer gets angry because the store doesn’t carry a brand that ceased to exist fifteen years ago.
  • An in-store traffic jam causes an elderly woman to launch into a full-blown temper tantrum.
  • A toddler has a meltdown because someone’s stellar parenting skills have kept that kid awake for the past 16 hours.  Bonus drink if the same stellar parent yells at the kid for having a meltdown.
  • A customer completely destroys a table of folded anything. Shirts, towels, pants.  It doesn’t even matter.  It was folded nicely before they opened and now it’s a volcano of crap.
  • A customer drags an employee around for longer than 15 minutes asking, “How much is this?”  for just about everything in sight.  Additional bonus drinks for every 30 minutes that this continues.
  • Someone threatens to throw a trash can through the window of a store whose doors are already unlocked and open.
  • Citing the need to “check and make sure everything is there,” a customer removes the product from each box in a display…and then decides not to purchase any of it.

There’s no drinking for actual violence.  You’d black out before an hour into the viewing party.  Also, I’m making Virgin Heart guacamole.  It’s a new recipe so feedback is welcome.

Illuminati Christmas

Jens over at FreeDumb of Expression brought up some good points regarding Santa, so I decided that it’s time I reveal Christmas for what it is: an Illuminati plot to make a good part of your year completely unbearable.  Or at least to those who celebrate Christmas.  Don’t worry, we’re going after Hanukkah next.

You were probably already aware of this since they start playing Christmas music before Halloween and you don’t finish paying off your Christmas purchases until Christmas five years later.  My idea by the way, and you’re welcome.  So, now that Christmas is over, I thought I’d let you in on some well-known Illuminati secrets regarding this plight.  It won’t truly matter since by next year you’ll be too busy buying gifts for your shiftless relatives.

One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday is Santa.  Did you realize that his name is an anagram for Satan?  Bet you did.  Most kids figure that out in the third grade.  Let’s talk about his appearance for a moment.  That rosy tinge on his cheeks ain’t makeup, that’s a Rosacea blush caused by consuming too much alcohol.  And the suit?  It’s a blend of the color of your checkbook after a successful Christmas and pimp-tastic fur lining.  Makes you wonder if that sack of toys is meant for delivery or keeping his hos elves in line.  You’ll never really know.  And his beard is intended to mask his appearance as well as any robber would.  Did you ever wonder why your Benz was down a tank of gas on Christmas day?  Why drive a sleigh when you can bald the tires on an expensive car.

In addition to that, the truth that Santa teaches goes well beyond anything your kids are taught in school.  What better than an omnipotent presence who supposedly watches you all the time to teach your kids that being “nice” and listening to your parents is only contingent on whether or not someone is looking over your shoulder.  Granted, you could say that telling your kids that someone is ALWAYS watching will keep them in-line…but since you don’t say that all year long, since they get gifts regardless of their behavior, and since they don’t care about something eight months away…your threats fall on deaf ears.  But go ahead and keep teaching them that they can do whatever they want when no one is looking and rest assured that when they know that Santa isn’t looking they’ll haul your aged ass off into a crap nursing home and let you rock it out to a Charlie Brown Christmas while eating your designated slice of week old SPAM.

But that’s not all.  Aren’t you always teaching your kids to stay away from strangers?  And what do you freaks do?  Plop your child’s but on the lap of a perfect stranger – one whose lips haven’t left a bottle since 1945, probably hasn’t passed any kind of background check and you couldn’t identify in a court of law because his face is obscured by a cotton beard.  Good job guys.  Way to teach your kids that it’s okay to sit on a creepy stranger’s lap.  Not just any stranger either, but Santa’s army of Rugrat Molesting Mall Santas.

Oh, and the lies you tell – and we’re actually really proud of you for this – you actually go out of your way to undermine your child’s trust.  You make them believe the unbelievable only hit their little dreams with a sledgehammer later.  Build them up…knock them down…you do realize that even the CIA isn’t cruel enough to do it in that order.  Are you creating fully-functioning adults or are you creating dysfunctional sociopaths?  You decide.  But we do so get a kick out of the lengths you’ll go to get them to believe.  Eight flying reindeer?  You do realize that the only way those tick infested overgrown rats off the ground is to feed them LSD.  Which is actually pretty funny to watch.  But no, they don’t really fly.  But they certainly think they do.  And when your little ankle-biters dare to inquire as to how Santa makes it around the world in one night…that bit about the super-sonic Santa gets my goat every time.  How much further are you going to fray before you realize that you’ve lost your freaking mind?

A lot further as it turns out, since once your kids find out the truth and go through the mourning process for a guy who couldn’t possibly exist you FORCE THEM to keep it a secret from friends who don’t know and younger siblings.  And when they tell?  They get punished!  Freaking awesome.  Makes me want to make you honorary members of my organization.  But that won’t happen, you’ll have to do far better than that to get a foot in my door.

But Christmas doesn’t end with the jolly ole pedophile.  No…there’s the retail end.  Every year we sink ad money into the system so you’ll go further under in your checkbook.  And so far it’s working.  Don’t worry about this little recession thing, you’ll keep spending what you don’t have regardless.  And what better to truly kick off the holiday spending season than a day that shares its name with hangings, massacres, natural disasters, and financial crises?  BLACK FRIDAY.  Oh, yes we did.  You people line up outside the stores before the break of day, sometimes sleeping there overnight, to catch 20% off lighted pen trinkets for stocking stuffers.  Yes, that’s a whole $0.30 off the everyday low price.  And you push and shove gimpy old ladies with social security checks in hand to get your little trinkets.  You are truly a piece of work.

But it’s all in the name of Good Will and Peace on Earth.  At least until the stores open.

May Santa Bless You One and All.