Kreativ Blogger Award

For some reason, this blog was tagged for the Kreativ Blogger Award by ElfNinosMom of Adventures in Frickintardistan, one of our co-conspirators.  Normally, I would ignore such a thing, but I saw what she did to that Turkish elm using only a pair of pliers and a gummy bear..and well, that was nothing short of amazing. We tried to put the video up on YouTube for the drooling masses to stare at, but it crashed the server.  Your loss, my gain.


So anyway, as a condition of receiving the award, I now have to list six things I like:

  1. Chasing interns down the hall wielding the Ice Cream Scoop of Terror
  2. Giving hungry fluffy carnivorous bunnies to unsuspecting animal loving vegans and watching their face as Bugs and friends go for the jugular.
  3. Flying cups of hot coffee.  It’s beauty in motion.
  4. Playing chess with the Wolverpus
  5. Playing God with your lives
  6. Chocolate

And now, to spread the plague to six other bloggers:

  1. Jeremy’s Weblog – Occasionally, I like to pretend to be normal.  And on those occasions, I read his blog.
  2. Famewhore!, She Wrote – Celebrities amuse me.
  3. FreeDumb of Expression – But I disagree, just because you can does mean that you should.  It’s more entertaining that way.

Yes, that’s only three.  The Illuminati cannot be bothered to read more than three blogs a day.  I’ve got more important things to do.

Now, where did I put those bunnies?

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