You Demented Freaks

I love you.  I really do.  I’m not screwing with you, either.

After WordPress upgraded to 2.7, something which I never cared to notice became hilariously apparent.  When it comes to the two most popular posts on this blog, between our Obama announcement and our expose on Vince Offer – Obama nabbed 61% of the pageviews while Vince is at 39% and climbing quickly.

It brings tears of happiness that renegade leprechaun and infomercial pitchman, Vince,  has a shot in hell of beating out the most famous shape-shifting lizard in the United States, Obama.  And you… YES, YOU made this all happen.  The Care Bear rebel faction has specifically asked that you put in extra effort to make sure that Vince beats Obama’s ass in pageviews.  Pointless Vengeance will be theirs!

So be sure to let all your insignificant little friends know that Vince is the bomb and point them to the blog entry so we can appease the rebel faction.  If we don’t they will not enter another candidate into the race and we’ll miss out on a  more entertaining car crash in 2012.

President Elect Barack Obama
President-Elect Barack Obama
ShamWow's Vince Offer
ShamWow’s Vince Offer

4 thoughts on “You Demented Freaks

  1. Pfft. You people aren’t trying hard enough. Are you afraid of Vince’s foreign policy? What’s wrong with it? The German’s always make good stuff! His economic strategy? I mean, come on…you’re going to spend that much in paper towels each month anyway.

    Step it up a notch, folks, or I’ll be testing out that smart-bombing basset hound I cooked up last weekend. Hop to it! Chop, chop! Vincie’s got to reach the top!

  2. Well it’s about time you got off your tooshies. Vince Offer has now narrowly defeated President Elect Barack Obama with 51% of the page views!

    Now pat yourself on the back and then pay a friend to do it for you and say hello to the upset of the century: Vince Offer is more popular than Barack Obama. Stick that in your Care Bear and giggle.

  3. This pitchman for the Sham Mows is worst than a used car salesman at a crummy
    California car lot. Had it not been for the spam in my mail I would have ignored
    this product as just another 3rd rate product. Where do they find these wacko’s

  4. Where do they find these wacko’s anyway?

    They are not found so much as they are grown in a vat of melted down pinky rings. Kind of like a Chia Pet, only with less screaming.

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